After more than 10 years of professional experiences in commercial, MG SAKAY decided to share our passion for Essential Oils. Exporting, we have realized our dream to make know in international our Essential Oils Made in Madagascar : ORGANIC, 100% pure and natural

Our production site is in the heart of Moramanga (East of Madagascar’s Island); a town built in a much wooded area, with a very rich and endemic flora and fauna. Our production of essential oils is based on the knowledge and the techniques developed throughout the working years within our distillery.


Our culture is made with total respect for the environment. We are constantly improving the quality of our products, continuously for customer satisfaction and preservation of our environment for future generations.


We support the development of local communities and contribute to the balance of their ecosystems. We respect and prioritize the well being of people, the main resource of our company. With our many partners globally, we bring attention to all living things, which is simply our way of life.